Paul Doppler

My passion is flying with a paraglider. I have an absolute feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. It feels unbelievable when you glide silently through vast natural landscapes and only need the power of the sun to get further.


When paragliding, I can also test out my limits, by training new maneuvers, and not only alone but also in the team


Since I see the world from above, it has always been my goal to share this amazing experience. I film while flying and cut the best moments together to share them with my friends. I experienced that the sharing works best in real during a tandemflight.


Flying makes happy and that's what the passengers show me on every flight!

- Share good things! -



Paragliding pilot since 2004

Tandem pilot since 2012


Journeys with the paraglider:

- World Tour with Paraglider (Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia)

- India / Himalayas

- Europe (Norway, Italy, Spain, France, England, Portugal, .....)


Other interests:

- Art and synchronous paragliding flight (

- Cross-country Flying / Bivouac Flying / Hike and Fly

- Hike

- ski touring / speedflying