Book and plan a tandem flight

We offer tandem flights all year round. There are only restrictions due to the weather and in the individual flight areas due to the operating times of the mountain railways.

To make an appointment. Choose your desired flight area, decide on a flight variant and choose your flight date and time.

Flight Areas

You will then receive an email summarizing all the important information.

Please arrive punctually for the booked date at the announced meeting point. Your pilot is happy to take off with you.


You can easily pay for your ticket online.


Physical condition:
You should be in a certain physical condition to be able to start safely. If you are not sure, just ask, we will be happy to advise you.

There are also practically no age restrictions. Everyone between 6 and 99 years of age is welcome.

Please put on sports shoes with a non-slip profile and durable, warm clothing that is suitable for the weather. We also recommend gloves for flights in autumn and winter.

The flight day

Meeting point
You can find information about the meeting point under the offers. These will also be sent to you again after booking.

In a short briefing before the start, we explain everything that is necessary for a safe process. Let us know if you have any health problems or restrictions in the musculoskeletal system so that we can adjust to them.

With a few steps we take off from the starting point. It is important to walk with us until we have lifted off together and not to sit too early. To avoid sitting down too early, count to 3 after the last step and only then lean back. You will see that the start is also very easy.

Immediately afterwards you sit as a passenger, as comfortable as in the living room armchair, in the harness and of course "in the first row". You enjoy a wonderful view, you can relax wonderfully and have time to let the various new impressions work on you. There is also something special on offer for those who are looking for that special kick. If you want, we can fly with you maneuvers in which you are exposed to centrifugal forces like in a good roller coaster.

Landing is an easy exercise for you as a passenger - you just have to stretch your legs - and whoosh, let's land gently while sitting.

Do you have further questions? Find answers in our FAQs.

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