How do I book an appointment?

There are two ways to book a tandem flight.
1) Click on “Flight Areas” and select a flight area. Decide on a flight variant, click on “Book an appointment” and choose your desired date.
2) You can also click on “Appointments” and select your desired date in the appointment view.

Where can I fly with you?
In our main flight areas in Salzburg,werfenweng, at Wolfgangsee, at Königssee, Zell am See and additionally in winter in Flachau/ Wagrain and Großarl and at our certified FlyTandem Friends partners.
I'm vacationing in the area, when is the best time to book?
In principle, booking two to three days in advance is sufficient; there are often remaining places available on the same day. (corrected by: We book flights at very short notice, up to two days before the date) If you only have time on a certain day or want to fly at a certain time, then we advise you to book at least a week in advance
Tip: If you are in the area for several days, we recommend that you book your flight at the beginning of your stay if possible, as we will then have the opportunity to postpone your flight to one of the next days in the event of bad weather.
When are the best thermals?
The best thermals, the best updraft and therefore the chance of staying in the air for a long time are from March to mid-September. This is also the reason why flight variants with longer flight times can only be offered during this period.
In terms of time, the best time is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the sun is at its highest and has the most power.

What weather can you fly in?
To paraglide you need visibility, no precipitation and the wind must not be too strong. The wind is particularly important. For example, we may have to cancel flights on a brightly beautiful day if there is a strong southerly wind (foehn) blowing in the mountains. However, overcast skies or no wind are not a problem.

What happens if the weather is not right and the flight cannot take place on the booked date?
If the flight cannot take place due to weather, we will inform you as early as possible. We will try to find an alternative date with you. If this is not possible, the booked date will be canceled free of charge.
When will it be decided whether the flight has to be canceled due to weather?
In the mountains the weather can change quickly and the weather reports are only accurate for a few days in many weather conditions. After 20 years of experience, we know that the weather forecast often changes even a day in advance. That's why we generally decide whether to cancel the flights the day before between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Please be easily reachable on your specified channel (telephone, email, WA,... ) during this period. If you do not receive any information during this period, you can assume that your flight can take place. If the weather on the day of the flight is worse than expected, it may also happen that the day of the flight has to be canceled. The pilot makes the final decision before takeoff.

What do I need to bring with me on the flight?
Do you have a voucher or ticket from FlyTandem or one of our partners? If so, be sure to bring it with you on the day of the flight, printed out or digitally on your cell phone. Please put on sports shoes with non-slip treads and durable, warm clothing suitable for the weather. We also recommend gloves for flights in autumn and winter. If you suffer from motion sickness or get sick very easily, then get a preparation from the pharmacy (e.g. " Superpep travel chewing gum") so that you can enjoy the flight undisturbed. If you have a small bag or backpack with you, we can take it with you on the tandem flight.

Are driveway and photos included in the price?
The cable car rides are not included in the flight price and must be paid extra.
The photo and video package is an additional offer and is also not included in the flight price.

Can I still post photos/videos from the flight?
The photo/ video service of your flight can be pre-booked, but can also be booked at any time before the flight. All pilots always have the necessary equipment with them.

I am heavier or lighter than your permitted weight range, can I still fly?
The weight limits are not hard limits and allow us some leeway. If there are minor differences, please contact us so that we can examine your case together. As a rule, a good level of fitness can offset a few kilos in good conditions.

I have a disability/injury that prevents me from running fast, can I still fly with you?
Basically, you must be in good mental and physical condition to fly with us. The most important thing is that we are informed about possible restrictions (see also our terms and conditions).
If your impairment is not too severe, we would be happy to discuss in person whether it is possible for us to fly with you. The easiest way for us to make a decision is if you send us a short video of yourself showing the relevant impairment. It is important to us to fulfill everyone's wish to fly if it is safely possible.


How long is the flight?
The flight duration varies depending on the flight variant selected and is stated in a time period in the offer . . Every flight is unique and every day in nature is different. With motor-free paragliding we can only fly longer if we find usable thermals. That's why we can't give the flight time exactly, but rather in a period of time.
I booked a Classic Plus or a Premium flight, but the flight time could not be met. How is this handled?
Every flight is unique and every day in nature is different. With motor-free paragliding we can only fly longer if we find usable thermals. If you have booked a long flight variant but only a shorter variant was possible, the shorter flight variant will also be charged. For ticket bookings with advance payment, the difference will be returned. In the case of vouchers, a voucher will be issued for the difference.

Where is the meeting point?
You can find information about the meeting point in the respective offers and on your ticket.

When do I have to be the meeting point?
Please be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the time stated in the booking details. Please do not be late, as we have a tight flight schedule and otherwise the next planned guests will have to wait for us or we will no longer be able to make later flights. Therefore, unfortunately it is not possible for us to wait for you. The cancellation fee for late arrivals is 100%.

The pilot is not at the meeting point at the agreed time, what should I do?
It may happen that your pilot is a few minutes late. In this case, an employee will contact you. Please only call us if we are more than 15 minutes late.

How much does the drive up to the mountain (starting point) cost?
The costs for a driveway vary depending on the flight area. At the Gaisberg in Salzburg you can take the bus up the mountain. In all other flight areas we use cable cars. The cost of the mountain railway ticket is not included in the flight price and, as of summer 2023, costs between EUR 18.50 inwerfenweng to EUR 32 on the Jenner at Königssee.

Can my companion come with me to the mountain?
Your companions can watch you from the take-off or landing site. At the top of the Flugberge you can easily hike and the managed huts invite you to stop off. This is also the perfect place for a souvenir photo at the start.

Do I have to decide when booking whether I want to buy the photos and videos?
You can also book the photo and video package directly with your pilot on site.

How are the photos and videos taken?
The pilot has an action camera with him, which he has attached to a long selfie stick. If you wish, photos and videos will be taken during the flight. These can be downloaded directly to your smartphone (required storage space approx. 4 GB). If you don't have free storage or would like to have the photos on an SD card , you can buy the original SD card for an additional €4. You can also book the photo and video package directly on site with your pilot.

Can I use my own action camera?
If you have your own action camera, feel free to use it with a chest strap. It cannot be mounted on the helmet for safety reasons for the pilot and your hands should remain free during the flight.

Can I take photos with my cell phone during the flight?
The cell phone must not be removed during the flight. On the one hand, it is a safety risk if you drop it (we also fly over populated areas). Additionally, concentrating on your cell phone during your flight takes away from the enjoyment of the moment. Rest assured that your pilot will take wonderful shots of your flight.
How do I reach my pilot?
 You do not need to contact your pilot directly. If you have any questions or can't find your pilot, just call our hotline on +43 650 8263361.
I'm late for my appointment, what happens now?
Please be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the time stated in the booking details. Please do not be late, as we have a tight flight schedule and otherwise the next planned guests will have to wait for us or we will not be able to make later flights. Therefore, unfortunately it is not possible for us to wait for you. The cancellation fee for late arrivals is 100% of the flight price. If we have no damage, we will of course be accommodating.

Will I be informed before the appointment whether it will take place?
 Paragliding depends on the weather and this is particularly difficult to predict in the Alps; weather reports also change at short notice. That's why we only decide the day before (afternoon) whether the flight can take place. If we don't contact you, the flight will take place. You are welcome to contact us in advance about the weather situation, especially if you have a longer journey. If bad weather is forecast, we will try to switch to nearby dates with better weather. That's why we ask you to be reachable on your specified channels 48 hours before the appointment in order to make this special service possible for you. Please don't rely too much on the many weather apps, they can give you an overview, but in our experience they are often correct not.

 Do we also fly when it is cloudy?
Light cloud cover (fleecy clouds) is a sign of good thermals and therefore the best conditions if you want to fly for a long time. But an overcast sky can also be ideal for tandem flying, especially if you are afraid of heights and want a particularly quiet flight.

Vouchers and Value Coupon Vouchers

What is the difference between a tandem flight voucher and a voucher?
There are two types of vouchers. With the flight voucher you can select the flight area and flight variant in advance. With the voucher everything is still open and the recipient can choose from the entire offer. With the voucher you can order any amount starting from 10 EUR. A flight voucher can also be converted into a voucher.
What if the amount of my voucher does not match the value of the selected flight?
If the amount of the voucher is higher than the value of the flight, you will retain the difference as remaining credit. If the amount of the voucher is lower than the value of the selected flight, you can pay the difference.

How do I redeem my voucher?
Simply enter the voucher code in the customer area and follow the instructions.

How long are the vouchers valid? / My voucher has expired/is about to expire, what can I do?
Tandem flight vouchers remain valid for 1 year after the date of issue (for vouchers purchased before March 15, 2024, the price is valid for 3 years). After this period, the price validity can be extended for another year for a processing fee of €8.00, plus the surcharge in the event of a price increase for the flight variant.
What is the difference between a ticket and a voucher?
In contrast to a voucher, with a ticket the flight date is already fixed.

What happens if the flight doesn't take place due to bad weather?
In this case, the ticket for the flight can be redeemed like a voucher on another day. However, if a new date cannot be found, the amount of the ticket value will of course be refunded upon request.

Exchange policy
Since the time and flight area are already fixed on the ticket, a ticket can no longer be exchanged.

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal analogous to the purchase of a voucher is excluded when purchasing a ticket.

Payment options and shipping

Which payment options can I use to pay?
You can pay on our homepage with Visa, Mastercard , Dines Club, Discover, UnionPay , Apple Pay, Google Pay and by invoice. When purchasing a ticket, you can also pay your pilot on site in cash or with a credit or debit card.
How long does it usually take until I receive the voucher?
You will receive the digital voucher for printing (PDF) by email within a few minutes of ordering. If you have chosen the wood voucher, the delivery time depends on the destination country: Within Austria you will receive your voucher after around 2-3 days, shipping to Germany takes around 4-5 days.
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