Manuel Längle

"You have to do something New, to see & experience something New....Humans dream - flying, away of everything, it gets you there where you relax and look at life differently.
I love to share (or double) the Luck and the Freedom of flying with my passengers, its a big Blessing!"



Paragliding Pilot since 2004
approx 5000 hours of flying in Acro and Crosscountry
Licensed Tandempilot since 2008
approx 3000 hours in flying Tandem
Instructor Assistance since 2008
Paragliding Tandempilot as a main Job all over the world since 2009
since 2017 best dad (best training ever)

When it comes to flying, i´m thrilled most by:

….the connection with the nature and the unbound possibilities of flying!
Flying get you bombs of Vitamins in happieness, compensation, fascination and much more...:)


Most beautiful tours:

There are so much of them!
Bivouac flying in the Himalayas since 2005  is one of the highlights every year. Its also very various, cause there are big areas high up until the high plateaus of Tibet, Pakistan, Nepal and China!
Hiked and flew from 2 vulcanos in guatemala 2014,  Atitlan 3500m & Acatenango 4000m

Further mountain activities:

a bit of climbing (to get challenged with my vertigo)
go out for a walk with my daughter
E-Bike driving
Motorcycling (mainly in India)
Yoga on the mountain or just in the nature
Human beeing on earth in a sunny form, to serve other human beeings ;)

Travel with the paraglider:

2005 Turky, Iran, Pakistan, India & Nepal
2006 India
2007 Austria Tour & Slovenia
2008 Kasachstan, Kirgisistan & India
2009 India
2010 Newzealand, Swiss, France & India
2011 Mexico, Guatemala, India
2012 Mexico, Guatemala, India
2013 France, India
2014 California, Mexico, Guatemala, India
2015 India, Guatemala
2016 Himalaya (6200m)
2017 Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece

Other highlights:

Doing what you love to do, gets you consiousness and big energies in life.