Harti Schaffran

"Tandem flying is teamwork" On the ground or in the air, whether with the aviator colleague or the passenger who gives me his trust. Then the "indescribable free feeling" of a tandem paragliding flight becomes reality. 


Since 1986 I fly with the paraglider, at that time rather a parachute. The first tandem flights followed as early as 1989, not quite legal at the time, because they were not enacted in any decree. My friend and tandem colleague Walter Moser can sing a song of our attempts. Since 1992 we are officially licensed tandem pilots.


When it comes to flying, I'm thrilled most by:

Flying with the lightest aircraft, with or without engine. Alone it is nice, but together it is  much nicer ....


Most beatiful tours:

Australia 1996

Central England - Nottingham 198

Turkey, Canary Islands, Azores

with the Para Trike in UL paradise Italy


The most beautiful flights:

The first high-altitude flight with the paraglider in December 1986

The first correct flight with a passenger after the tandem training in the wild.

The first take off of my self-built para-trike with me as a pilot.

The first solo flight with the UL Ikarus C42


Other interests:

Vaulting, the sport of my daughters. I managed for 12 years a club with 40 athletes with their parents and 4 horses.

In winter, snowshoeing is the best time to come down.

There is not much time aside from my many aviation interests anyway.