We about us

As we are professionals, SAFETY comes first. To provide an impressive and secure flight, we also spend our spare time on flying. 

We continuously work on improving our technique, for example acrobatic flying in our home mountains in Salzburg, or thermal soaring on our trips, which are well chosen by flying possibilities, of course. Thus, we dare to claim being perfectly up-to-date concerning flight SKILLS.     







Equipment & materials

The material has to meet our high demands, so we use only EQUIPMENT of the best producers. Setting a limit of maximum 3 years in use, we set the benchmark well above the legal requirements.


Another important safety criterion that requires a great deal of experience, is the WEATHER. Needless to say, we fly only when conditions are absolutely safe, avoiding any risk. This involves that we might cancel flights on an allegedly fine day of sun, but we always land safely and enjoy our flights.


We set highest value on the security of our guests, so we have effected an insurance with coverage beyond legislative requirements.