Wolfgang Wimmer


Paragliding pilot since 2002 (approx. 6000 flights)
flight instructor and tandem pilot since 2005

When it comes to flying, I'm thrilled most by:

Flying in combination with mountaineering and air acrobatics.

Most beatiful tours:

Mt. Blanc, Großglockner, Matterhorn (Hörnlihütte), Mt.Aspiring, Mt.Cook (first take of in a speedwing), tandem flight from Mt. Ortler with my sister Monika

Further mountain activities:

Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and cross country skiing

Travels with the paraglider:

2006/07: Australia, New Zealand
2007: India
2008/09: New Zealand
2011/12: Nepal
2013/14: Brasilia

Yearly Italy, France, Schwitzerland and Spain

Other highligths:

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