Walter Moser

'Only flying could beat this!' This has been my motto since 1987. As a young mountain climber, it was always my dream to fly from the peaks; so when the first paragliding equipment (modified parachutes) came onto the market, I had to have it. And since then I have got to witness the exciting evolution of the modern chute, both as a test pilot and sales rep.

With the advent of the tandem chute, it wasn't long before we passed on the flying bug to our passengers. After all these years, I'm still addicted ... and when I look at the faces of my passengers after a flight, I'm reminded why.



Solo flights since 1987; Tandem flights since 1989

Basic paragliding license 1988; SOPI (advanced license) 1989; Tandem license 1993


What I like best about paragliding:

It's pure relaxation. All five senses are focussed on creating a sixth sense: 'flying'.

I love the professionalism of our team when it comes to tandem flights, and seeing the fun our passengers have in the air.


Paragliding my way around the world

Trips so far have largely been in Europe (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, France, Denmark, Scotland, the Azores Islands (Portugal); Turkey, Canada and Australia also make the list.


The best flights:

The first flight across the central Alpine ridge (over Mount Ankogel in 1991);

My first 100km in the air (from Mount Stubnerkogel) and the first flight to over 4000m (in the south of France), also both in 1991;

Meteora in 1994;

Crete in 1995;

Tandem flight from Kobala to Stoll and on to Kobarid with Sonja in 2007;

The Azores Islands in 2014.


The best mountain climbing tours:

Mont Blanc, Großglockner, the north-face of Mount Hohe Riffl and many other Austrian mountains over 3000m, Mount Watzmann, Mount Olympia (flight down unfortunately aborted due to cloud), and an unforgettable 30,000 metres up and down mountains during our trip around the world (Canada, USA; Australia, Nepal ...) in 2010/11 with Sonja.



Ski tours, volleyball, wind surfing, kite surfing (beginner), motorbiking, scuba diving, travelling



Sport and geography teacher, manager of SV MusGym (first national league volleyball team); windsurfing teacher, life-guard