Christian Ebner

My love to the mountains brought me to paragliding, since then the fascination for this sport hasn´t left me and i´m "in air" as often as possible. The simplicity with which we move in our element is unique!

Through my independence as a geologist, I have the necessary space to be able to fly on good days, and this freedom makes it possible for me to make an above-average number of flights over the year and stay aeronautically fit. The tandem-busines is an amazingly grateful job for me, the wide grin in the faces of our passengers (especially after a few maneuvers) is always fulfilling and I am super glad to share my passion with others!



Paragliding pilot since 2002

Tandem pilot since 2006


When it comes to flying, I'm thrilled most by:

The combination of all the different mountain sports with flying, Hike and Fly and the fly back down after a strenuous climb, traveling with the paraglider, long-distance-flying, Acro (aerobatics)

Most beautiful tours:

With my paraglider across New Zealand, the way of St. James 2004 through spain (at that time unfortunately without my wing), wandering in Italy, countless tours in the local mountains


Further mountain activities:

Mountain- and ski tours, skiing and snowboarding, climbing, mountain biking and road-cycling


Journeys with the paraglider:

Many short-trips in and through Europe, Austrian Alps, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, once every year to the Canaries or Balears

2010: Climbing and flying in Malaga


2013: 3 months through New Zealand