Tandem flight CLASSIC GAISBERG / Salzburg City

Net flight time up to 20 minutes.

€ 139,-

Tandem flight CLASSIC THERMAL / Salzburg City

Net flight time 20 to 40 minutes. If we have to land earlier you only pay the price for the classic flight.

€ 159,-

Tandem flight CLASSIC BISCHLING / Werfenweng

Net flight time 15 - 30 minutes

without transport (cable car ticket approx. 10 EUR)

€ 129,-

Tandem flight THERMAL SPECIAL BISCHLING / Werfenweng

Cross country flight - net flight time between 30 - 50 minutes

Without transport (cable car ticket approx. 10 EUR)
This flight is only available in Werfenweng between middle of May and end of August!

€ 179,-

Tandem flight FLACHAU WAGRAIN CLASSIC / Griessenkareck

Net flight time 15 - 30 minutes

without transport (cable car ticket approx. 12 EUR). In Flachau / Wagrain we fly only in the winterseason (Dec-April)

€ 129,-

Tandem flight GROSSARL CLASSIC / Kreuzkogel

Net flight time 15 - 30 minutes

without transport (cable car ticket approx. 16 EUR). In Grossarl we fly only in the winterseason (Dec-April)

€ 129,-

Pictures and Video of your flight

Pictures and Video

If you like your pilot will take picutures and will film you during the tandem flight. The footage you will get directly after the flight.

€ 29,-

Booking and planning of a tandem flight

We offer year-round tandem flights, every day. Restrictions are only the weather and, in some of the flight areas, the operating hours of the cable cars.

For a booking please use our online calendar. If you can't find our prefered date or if you have further questions, please use our request form. Withing our operating hour you can call us too.

We try to accept also short term bookings. Usually you will find a time slot 2-3 days in advance - anyway we recommend to book early.

If the weather isn't flyable on the booked date, the reservation will canceled wihtout any cost.

Who can take off wiht us?

Weight: Generally, everybody can and may fly with us. Our paragilders allow a weight between 15 and 125 for the passenger. However, a certain physical constitution is needed for a safe start.

If you should not be sure, just ask us, we will be glad to counsel you. If we know about your "handicap", we can prepare for it. So, even flights with persons with impaired mobility are possible.

Age: Also here, there are hardly any restrictions: Everybody aged between 6 and 99 years is welcome. So, if you are within these ranges, there is nothing that keeps you from flying with us!


With the slogan " the more the merrier", your club or company trip will become the exceptional event. Up to 8 people can hover at the same time, and enjoy the third dimension together. In order to organise a perfect day out, it is necessary to book two weeks in advance. For further details, please call us.