Tandem Paragliding Voucher


We offer you the opportunity to purchase all our flights in the form of a gift voucher (print it out yourself) or  a high-quality wooden voucher that will be sent to you by post.

Even after purchasing the voucher, the flight area and the flight variant can easily be changed.

Flight options


The CLASSIC flight lasts up to 20 minutes and can be carried out in any season. Our flight leads from the top of the mountain down to the landing site. In between you can enjoy the wonderful view.


With the CLASSIC PLUS flight we use the natural updrafts (thermals) and fly 20-45 minutes. If the thermals are not sufficient for the longer flight, the cheaper CLASSIC flight will automatically be charged.


On the PREMIUM flight we use the natural updrafts (thermals) and then fly to the surrounding mountains. We reach prominent mountain peaks and have deep insights into the wonderful mountain landscape. The flight takes 45-60 minutes. The flight can only be carried out on days with thermals. If this is not sufficient for the longer flight, the cheaper CLASSIC flight will automatically be charged.


Are you looking for the maximum kick? Experience pure action on a breathtaking action flight. Feel the G-forces and speeds up to 100 km / h with loops, spirals and WingOvers. Flight time up to 10 minutes.

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High quality tandem paragliding voucher made of wood sustainably produced in Austria


Our passengers love to fly with us. Many describe it as one of the best experiences in their lives. That's why you are always right with a tandem flight voucher!


So that the voucher is not just a sheet of paper with beautiful pictures, we offer this beautiful voucher cut out of wood and embedded in a cardboard box. This gives the gift that certain something. It can be taken out of the outer shell and set up, hung up or attached to metal surfaces with the help of a magnet on the back.


The voucher is 8.5 x 8.5 cm in size and was made in Austria from sustainable materials. It is available in dark blue, aubergine and light blue. Please indicate your color preference when ordering.


Price 10,- Euro